Saturday, August 19, 2017

Let's Get Personal Blogger Tag

Hey everyone!

I was tagged a little while ago by the wonderful Emily from That Weird Girl Life to do the Blogger Tag. I’ve done two Liebster Awards in the past so I’m excited to answer some more questions. Thanks Emily for tagging me!

Here are the rules:

   1.       Answer the eleven questions your tagger has asked.
   2.       Nominate eleven other bloggers – all with below 200 followers.
   3.       Give your nominees eleven questions for them to answer.
   4.       Make sure to let them know you’ve nominated them.

On with the questions!

When you were young, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was little (I still am quite young, only being 18 and all), I wanted to be a pet store owner. I loved (and still love) little animals like bunnies, kitties and puppies and I thought it would be just lovely to surrounded by them at all times. At that point, I’d never had a pet before or even been in a pet shop. After adopting my cat, Stanley, and smelling all the smells in a pet store, I decided that it would be much better to be something not animal related. I didn’t know what, since I was only about ten, but yeah.

What time of day do you do your blogging? Do you usually work in the daytime or are you a night owl?

I usually do blogging during the day time. Right now, for instance, it’s midday. Sometimes I do blog in the night time if I am doing it very last minute.

If you could only eat one candy or chocolate for the rest of your life, what would it be?

It would have to be Maltesers, wouldn’t it? I can live without having any of the others, but Maltesers would have to stay.

What is your go to movie to watch when you're feeling sad or upset?

My go to movie/s in general is Harry Potter, but that can take DAYS to finish. Other than that, Disney movies are my jam. My favourites are Tangled, The Little Mermaid, and Aladdin.

Has there been a book that has changed your life?

Does Harry Potter count? I don’t know what my life would be like without reading Harry Potter. I don’t know exactly how it has changed my life, but believing in magic is fun!

Which Disney movie scared you the most as a kid?

Even though above I said that Aladdin is one of my favourite Disney movies, the cave of wonders rising out of the sand and the Jafar scene at the end was the scariest thing in the world.

What is the hardest thing for you about blogging?

The hardest thing about blogging for me is coming up with ideas for blog posts. This would be completely fine (since mostly I do think one up for the end of the week) except that I also have to come up with ideas for uni assignments and homework. I often find myself googling for those “100 blog post ideas” posts and end up finding at least one idea I can work with.

If you had to recommend one musician/band that everyone should listen to, who would it be?

If you don’t listen to or at least know one song by Shawn Mendes, I don’t know if I can be friends with you. I just love him so much. His music, I absolutely love. I don’t have enough money to go see him in November (which is when he’s coming to Brisbane), but I do love him and his music a whole lot and would highly recommend his music to you.

If you could sit down and chat with any fictional character (from a book, movie. or TV) who would it be? And what would you talk about?

I would love to sit down and have coffee, little tea cakes and a chat with Minerva McGonagall, the Transfiguration professor from Harry Potter. I feel like she’d have loads of epic stories from the time of the Marauders and Harry’s time. Also, I just think that she would be really interesting to talk and listen to.

What is something that no matter what, always makes you laugh?

One thing that will always make me laugh is my friends. We always take conversations way too far and die laughing afterwards. One time, we were talking about how two of us had allergies, then me and the other allergy free friend said we would probably die if a fast bus hit us, so now we say we’re allergic to fast buses. We couldn’t stop laughing for at least the next five minutes.

And if you had to pick: cake or pie?

I eat more cake than I do pie, but pie can be sweet or savoury. BUT there are plenty of other savoury non-pie things that I enjoy. So I think I’ll go with cake, purely because I love cake so much. Ohhhh but cottage pie is so gooooood. Oh I don’t know…. Cake. I’m going to lock in cake.

And now for the nominations *dramatic music intensifies*:

Sarah: @sbysparkle
Beth: @bethxkate
Yasmin: @rebel_noir
Róisín: @totally_ro
Chloe: @chl0allen
Emma: @emmaboughtwhat
Hannah: @hannahnele_
Katie: @katieyvonne_x
Loren: @lorenxalicia

And finally, the questions the Lucky Eleven™ must answer:
   1.       What is one thing you’ve done recently that you are proud of?
   2.       What is your favourite song or songs of all time?
   3.       Pick a superpower to have.
   4.       What is something you have tried but never wish to do again?
   5.       If you could have dinner with someone, living or dead, who would it be? And what would the dinner conversation be?
   6.       Have you ever fallen in love?
   7.       Would you rather skydive or bungee jump?
   8.       What is your favourite thing about where you live?
   9.       If you could only use one kind of makeup for the rest of your life (ie. Lipstick, mascara, foundation, etc.), what would you choose?
   10.   What is your biggest pet peeve?
   11.   And finally: pancakes or waffles?

That’s it! That’s the blogger tag! If you’re nominated, I hope you have fun with the questions I’ve written. Let me know if you do it so I can have a read!

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, August 12, 2017

I Turned Eighteen!

Hey everyone!

Since we last spoke, I have had a birthday. I turned eighteen! I am so very excited! I can now legally drink alcohol, smoke (not that I will, obviously), vote, and be called an adult. There’s probably a bunch more things that come with turning eighteen, too, but those are the major ones I think.

So, my birthday “started” on the 6th of August, since Dad couldn’t come to a birthday dinner on my actual birthday due to his work. I woke up on the Sunday and went out with Mum to pick up a cake. We chose a pink one that said it was strawberry flavour. It wasn’t very big, but it didn’t have to be. There are only four of us, after all. We came home, set up the cake with eighteen candles (a mean feat for a small cake!), and went out the back to celebrate. Mum, Dad, and Will sang me Happy Birthday and I cut the cake and made a wish. We then ate some cake while I eyed up the big box with blue-green wrapping and a big pink ribbon tied round it that was sitting in the centre of the table.

After cake, I reached for the box with both hands. Once it was sitting in front of me, I held both ends of the ribbon, only just having enough arm length to undo it in one motion. Then I read the card, and it was nice and lovely. There’s a little girl in a fairy costume on the front, and when I was little I wanted to be a fairy, so that was special to me. I then went ham uwrapping the box, tearing at every bit I could, catching glimpses of what was inside. It was a bright orange box, with a white Nike logo on it. Oh no, I thought (and said), Mum’s got me running shoes for my birthday. I kept unwrapping, really hoping it wasn’t running shoes (I’m about to get back into running, but I’m not that keen, you know?). Opening the shoe box, I saw gold tissue paper. I pulled the tissue paper back to reveal the shoes I have been wanting for about three years. Wedge. Trainers.

I picked them up, careful not to put them on the table (bad luck!), and looked at them in awe. Then I noticed that there was some of the tissue paper in one of the shoes. Mum must’ve stuffed some in one and not the other. Silly Mum! I pulled at it, trying to get it out but it was stuck. There was a little white box wrapped up in the paper, stuffed inside the shoe. Inside said box were some rose gold earrings. Long-time readers will know that I am absolutely obsessed with anything rose gold, so I was very much ecstatic when I laid my eyes on these. I got up and hugged and kissed Mum immediately. Considering I didn’t know what to expect since I forgot to give her a list, I think Mum did very well. I am very happy with my presents and they will no doubt feature in an upcoming favourites post.

You may think that is the end, but alas! It is not. The next day (August 7th) was my actual birthday.

Dad woke me up at exactly 7:39am – the time I was born into the world 18 years ago – to wish me a happy birthday. I then swiftly rolled over and went back to sleep. I got up at about 10:30 and had some breakfast (leftover cake from the day before). Throughout the day, some extended family called and texted me, wishing me a happy birthday. Then came 2 o’clock: time to leave for uni. I picked up my bag and walked down the road to the bus stop, caught my bus and was off. I walked up the enormous hill my uni was built on (what a great idea. They should build more things on hills. That won’t annoy anyone.) and to my lecture hall. Amazingly, I was twenty minutes early, so I sat outside and waited for my uni peeps to show up.

Only they didn’t.

It turns out our lecturer was sick that day, but I hadn’t thought to check my emails till then. Fan-bloody-tastic. So I was straight back down the hill of death and onto the very next bus. Packed with school kids. Fun times! I love catching buses with school kids! Could my birthday get any worse?

No would be the answer to that. The rest of the day was lovely. Mum, Will, and I walked down to a local burger place and had some burgers for my birthday dinner. They were great burgers, just saying. Also, since it was my birthday, Mum and I had some alcoholic beverages with our dinner. Mine was called a Redskin, and I cannot for the life of me remember what was in it, but it was fruity and delicious! Mum had an Espresso martini and I had a sip and it was awful. I’m not particularly a coffee drinker, though. She, a very regular coffee drinker, also said it wasn’t great, but powered through anyway. We then walked back home, making jokes about how drunk we were (we weren’t, we’d had one drink each) and having a good laugh.

And that was how I celebrated my birthday, burgers, cocktails, and plenty of laughs.

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, August 5, 2017

Short Story | Night Terrors

Hey everyone!

I wrote a story a little while back for uni, and I realised that I never shared it with you. It is a bit long (around 2000 words), and I am quite proud of it (I got 78% for it, in case you were wondering).

It was a cold, rainy night in Roseby. Celeste Miller was driving home from work, and had picked up her mother from the train station on the way.

“How was your day, Mum?” she asked once her mother had sat down and dried herself off.

“Alright, not too many customers today. You?”

“Yeah, good. There was a lady who came in today with her Shih Tzu, who then peed all over the head nurse’s desk,” she said with a slight laugh. It was hard to laugh with this kind of weather. It had been raining heavily like this for at least three days, though it started drizzling about a week ago.

They kept chatting, Celeste keeping her eyes on the road, squinting to see where she was going. The road was slick and slippery with water, and as close to flooded at it could get. Celeste was driving as carefully as she could. Celeste’s mum had said that Roseby hadn’t flooded since 1984, when she was a little girl.

Out of nowhere, a car slid out in front of them. Bright headlights shone through the darkness. Celeste slammed her foot on the brake pedal. Their car careered into the path of the other car. Celeste watched the other car, almost in slow motion. It rammed into the passenger side of the car. The passenger door forced against her mother’s rib cage, puncturing her lungs. She heard every bone break. Every single one. Blood spilled out of her mother’s mouth. Her mother was dead. Dead. In between her quick pants for air, Celeste found herself screaming, punctuating the otherwise dreary, abysmal Roseby night.


She woke up in a cold sweat, her breaths still coming out in rapid, short gasps. Her heart was racing and she was losing control, clutching onto her bedsheets for even an ounce of support. The world was closing in around her. Her bedroom door slammed open. Someone was running over to her. She blacked out.

“Celeste,” her mother said calmly, gently shaking her awake, “Cece, wake up.”

“It happened again,” Celeste said once she had woken up, and pulled herself into a sitting position, still in her bed. Warm and safe. She took a sigh of relief and pulled her mum into a tight hug.

“I know,” her mother replied, pulling back from the hug, still rubbing her daughter’s shoulders, “I ran in just as you blacked out. I think you have got a therapy session next Tuesday, so you can talk to Dr. Osment about it then.”

She nodded, now considerably calmer since her panic attack. Her mum was still alive and well. 

Everything was fine. Her breathing and heartbeat had slowed back to normal. Looking out her window, toward the ocean, she saw some rain clouds on the horizon, threatening a slight downpour.

Mental note: take an umbrella today,” she thought to herself, before pulling herself out of bed to get ready for the day.

“How… to… meditate, and search,” Celeste mumbled as she typed the words into Google as soon as she got home. Dr. Osment had recommended her to meditate before bed to clear her mind so she didn’t get nightmares anymore. Hundreds upon hundreds of results came up for meditation classes, but after looking through a few of them, she found that they were all far too expensive to have daily sessions, and she would rather stay at home. Her anxiety and panic disorder also meant that she was never really a fan of doing things out of her comfort zone, which was mainly her house, Dr. Osment’s office, and her work. She ended up downloading a free mediation app onto her phone, and set it to notify her just before bed so she could go straight to sleep afterward.

“Celeste! Tea’s ready!” her mother called from the kitchen downstairs.

“Okay, coming Mum!”

They sat in the living room to drink their vanilla tea, on the plush pink couch, watching a pre-recorded episode of Masterchef.

“I downloaded a meditation app just now,” Celeste said between sips of tea.

“That’s good, dear. I hope it works!” she said, grinning at her, “Who do you think is going to win? Personally, I think Jake’s ganache was a bit better than the rest.”

After speculating with her mother about Masterchef, Celeste looked out the bay window towards the ocean, the waves being pummelled by the rain. The intense and dramatic music playing behind Masterchef seemed fitting. The full moon peeked through the dark clouds, watching over Roseby dutifully like a guardian angel.

“Celeste?” her mother said, tapping her on the shoulder.

“Yeah, Mum?” Celeste said, shifting her attention away from the window.

“Sorry, you weren’t responding. Would you like some more tea?” she asked, gesturing to the tea pot on the coffee table beside her.

“No, thanks,” she said, getting up from the couch, “I have work in the morning. I wanna give my new meditation app a try.”

She padded up the carpeted stairs to her room and sat down on her bed, laying against her well-cultivated pillow farm. After sticking her earbuds into her ears, she pressed play on the recording and followed its instructions.

“Breathe in through your nose, 2, 3, 4, and out through your mouth, 2, 3, 4,” a calm, soothing voice instructed for around ten minutes.

As the session came to an end, Celeste did feel a lot calmer than before. Her mind wasn’t whirring as much as it normally did. She woke up the next morning refreshed and relaxed, despite her 6 o’clock alarm.

Rolling out of bed, she lumbered down to the kitchen for a breakfast of cereal and a tea. Dr. Osment had instructed her to stay away from anything with caffeine, so tea it was. While having breakfast, she noticed that it was still rainy, even after a solid week of rain.

The drive to work that day was normal; a bit of rain was no harm. She dropped her mother off at the train station and continued driving to the veterinary surgery just a bit further away. As she was only new, she could only help with the basic nursing jobs. She wished she could partake in the actual surgeries, but it was just general check-ups for now.

“Hey, Tammy, how’re things?” Celeste said, as she opened the door to the locker room to put her bag and umbrella away.

“Hi, Cece. Good! We have a few check-ups booked in today, so you can help me out with those.”

“Okay, dogs? Cats? Birds? Fish?” she inquired with a laugh.

Eight o’clock rolled around and it was time to open up for the day. First in was a dad with a cat who had a swollen paw. Then there was a dog who peed all over Tammy’s desk.

Just like in my nightmares,” she thought, “No, just a coincidence.”

During her lunch break, she noticed that the rain had gotten significantly heavier than it was this morning. Tammy had asked her to stay back a little later than usual; Reynold couldn’t make it in today since he was sick.

By the time of closing up the vet, Celeste had severely weirded herself out about the whole raining and dog peeing on Tammy’s desk conundrum.

“You’ll be fine, Celeste. Everything is going to be okay. You’re going home. You’ll be warm, dry, and your mum will be alive.”

Right after her little internal pep talk, her phone buzzed. The caller ID said Mum, with a little purple heart next to it. She picked it up immediately.


“Hi sweetie. Could you pick me up from the station today? Since you stayed back at work and I don’t fancy walking in the rain,” her mum said, sounds of the train in the background.

“And it will be nice to talk to someone on the way home, too. What time will your train arrive?”

“I’ve just passed Morello Hills, so I’ll be there in about twenty minutes.”

They ended their conversation and Celeste ran to her car with her hands over her head. It was too short of a distance to bother putting up an umbrella, but by the time she reached her car she wished she had.

The drive to the train station was short, so Celeste had another fifteen minutes to wait before her mum arrived. The whole time, she couldn’t stop thinking about her recurring nightmares of her mother dying horribly in a car crash, on a rainy night, in which that day a dog had peed on a desk. 

That minute detail is what scared her the most. Why did Reynold have to be sick? Why did the dog have to pee on the table today? Why not another day? Why, oh why, did it have to be raining?

She had worked herself up into such a state that she had to use the breathing techniques she learned last night to cope.

“Breathe in, 2, 3, 4, breathe out, 2, 3, 4,” she repeated, breathing in time, until her breathing slowed back to a normal pace.

She watched as her mother’s train pulled in to the station, and waved to her mum as she got off. She felt her heart rate picking up as her mum walked closer to the car. The closer she got, the higher her heart rate went, until she thought she was going to explode. She tried to use her breathing techniques and they worked for a bit, but not enough to completely calm her down. She knew that car was going to jut out when she least expected it. She knew exactly the words her mother would say the entire way. She knew her mother was going to die tonight. And it was going to be her fault.

She tentatively reached over the passenger seat to unlock the door for her mother, who was now waiting to cross the road. She almost had the urge to drive away then and there, and save her mother from a fate only Celeste knew of. But she didn’t, because she had promised her mother she would pick her up from the train station after work, and it was the right thing to do.

She watched as her mother quickly crossed the road, reaching for the door handle as she got closer. 

She pulled the door open hurriedly and closed her umbrella, sitting down in the passenger seat and closing the door behind her.

“Thanks for waiting for me, sweetie. I’m sorry that the train was a bit late.”

“That’s okay, mum. I don’t mind.”

“Jeez,” her mum began, “we haven’t had this kind of rain since 1984, I must have been about ten when our house was flooded.”


“Wow, that’s a long time ago,” Celeste said cheekily, earning a playful jab in the ribs from her 
mother, “Anyway, how was your day at work today, Mum?”

“Alright, not too many customers today. You?”


They kept chatting. The road was glossy with water, eerily similar to her nightmare.


She drove as carefully as she could, squinting through the torrential rain.


Suddenly she saw two bright headlights slide into her vision.


She slammed on the brakes and squeezed her eyes shut.

“No, no, no, no, no, no!”

So, did you like it? I hope you did, I worked very hard on it!

Love, Nicky x

PS: It’s my birthday on Monday and I am really really really excited!

Saturday, July 29, 2017

July Favourites

Hey everyone!

As we are approaching the end of yet another month, it’s time for another edition of a monthly favourites! This month has brought me back to uni, had 18th birthdays galore (two of my friends have birthdays in July and mine is coming up very soon), and a heck of a lot of (mandatory, but relatively enjoyable) reading. I’m doing a unit of Youth and Children’s writing at uni this semester and have to read nine books for it, all varying in length, age, and complexity. So far, I’ve read six of the nine in total. I borrowed them from the library a bit over a month ago, so they’re all due back very soon. Anyway, on with the favourites!

The first thing I have been loving this month is the reading I was talking about above. Of the six books, my favourites were The Book Thief by Markus Zusak, How I Live Now by Meg Rosoff, and Seven Little Australians by Ethel Turner. The Book Thief, in brief, is a story about a girl living in Nazi Germany who falls in love with reading and steals books to read them at home. Her foster family takes in a Jew, letting him live in their basement. Not to spoil the ending or anything, but I cried for a good five minutes after finishing it.

How I Live Now is a story about war as well, but it appears to be set in recent past or near future. A girl is sent from her home in New York to live with her cousins in England. The family gets broken apart by the army, sending them to live in separate places as the army are using their house as a kind of base. It is predominantly a story of the girl and one of her cousins fighting to get back to the rest of their family, surviving in the wilderness and hiding from The Enemy, which is never referred to as anything other than that. It didn’t make me cry, but I did enjoy reading it.

Seven Little Australians is a story published in 1894 about seven Australian children living with their father and 20-year-old step mother in rural New South Wales in the 1800’s. Their names, in ascending order of age, are the General (the baby), Baby (4), Bunty (6), Nell (10), Judy (13) Pip (14), and Meg (16). They get up to a lot of hijinks in the book, including interrupting their parents entertaining guests, stealing food from the pantry, and hiding in the barn. Not quite the same kind of things Australian kids do nowadays, but I can definitely see why this story is called timeless and has transcended generations of children all over the world.

I haven’t really had any beauty favourites this month, but I have discovered new music that I love. I purchased Katy Perry’s Witness album about a month ago but got so distracted by reading that I didn’t have time to listen to it. It’s quite different to her previous albums, a bit less ‘poppy’ I feel, but I like it. My favourite songs off it are Bon Appetit, Hey Hey Hey, and Swish Swish. There are other songs I like from it but I like to keep it to a top 3.

Another album I’ve purchased recently was Hey Violet’s From the Outside. My friends introduced me to it a little while ago through the song Hoodie, which I loved. It’s got kind of a synth-rock feel to it, but again it is quite poppy. If you couldn’t tell, pop music is my fave. My top 3 songs of the album are Hoodie, Fuqboi, and Break My Heart. In fact, I’m listening to Hoodie right now!

That’s all of my favourites for this month. I hope you enjoyed!

What are your favourite things from the past month? Do you like mine?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Random

Hey lovelies!

Welcome to the final instalment of my birthday list! This week: random things that don’t have enough things to be put into their own category. Mostly they are electronics, but there are a couple of other things thrown in for good measure. My birthday is getting sooner and sooner every day and I could not be more excited. Mum and I started planning my party a few days ago and so far, we’ve worked out who to invite, but haven’t sent out any invitations yet. I also haven’t told my family what I would like for my birthday yet – ironic, I know, having told the internet and not my actual family.

The first “random” thing on my list is a pair of Frends headphones. Specifically, the white and rose gold ones, but I would be very happy with any of them! My eldest cousin has a pair of them and they are beautiful and very comfortable (I have tried them on a couple of times), and I would love to have a pair of my own. I am a huge rose gold fan – most of my uni supplies are rose gold, even down to my pens, and my phone is also rose gold – so rose gold seems to me to be the obvious choice. They’re just too pretty for their own good. And I simply have to have them.

The next thing in the “random” section of my list is a Clarisonic. For those not in the know, it is a really fancy brush to wash your face with. I know, of course, and I think they are very cool. My skin isn’t too bad right now (touch wood), but I feel like it’s a bit luxurious and if there is any time to get something luxe it’s a birthday, especially an 18th one at that. They are, however, expensive as heck so I do not expect to get one at all, but it would be very nice if I did.

Next on my list is iTunes cards. I am really really really into music at the moment and am always in need of more iTunes credit, so not having to buy them myself would be great. I do think, however, that even if it is just a go-with type thing, it isn’t a very good present for an 18th. As in, not much thought has gone into it, an ‘easy way out’ so to speak. However, I will be very grateful if I get some because I love music and the only way to get it is to pay for it, so really they’re getting me songs and albums, not a piece of plastic.

The last thing on not only my ‘random’ list is, of course, alcohol. I think that it is customary for a person turning 18 to get at least a little bit of alcohol for their birthday, as it is the drinking age in Australia. I’m not really sure what kind of alcohol I would like (not that I haven’t had any in the past), but I haven’t had it often enough to have any informed opinions about it. So far, I know that I like vodka cruisers (raspberry flavour, preferably), Midori, and that’s about it. My mum told me about a liqueur that tastes like birthday cake, so I kinda want that to see if its good. Also, it must be said that I have only consumed alcohol in safe environments and I have never gotten drunk. I don’t wanna go promoting underage drinking by any means!

That is my entire “random” things list, thus bringing an end to my birthday list saga. I do hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be back next week with a monthly favourites, probably. I’m going back to uni in the next week so posting is going to be harder to do (again) but I will persist. I am determined to not break my streak!

What do you think of my list? What kind of alcohol do you like most?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Books

Hey everyone!

Welcome to the third instalment in my Birthday Wishes series. This week is all about books! Even though I’ve been doing tons and tons of reading for uni in the past few weeks, there are still other books out there that I would like to read. Obviously, I don’t expect to get all of them for my birthday and, heck, I haven’t even finished reading the books I got for Christmas! I do have a massive break over Christmas time – from the end of November to the end of February – so I’ll get a ton of leisure reading done then. And I’ll probably find more books to want for Christmas this year as well!

The first book on my list is The Strange and Beautiful Sorrows of Ava Lavender by Leslye Walton. I must say, the first thing I liked about this book was the cover. The deep blue and the bright gold are just so pretty, you know? This book is about a girl name Ava Lavender (shocking, I know) who is normal in every way except that she has bid wings. She goes on a quest to fit in and understand more about herself, and meets someone called Nathaniel Sorrows (very clever name considering the title). That’s all that the synopsis really says, but I really like the sound of this book. I am a massive Potterhead and so love everything fantasy related, so this seems like an obvious choice for me.

The next book on my list also has a feather on the front, weirdly, and also has blue and gold elements. It is called Magonia by Maria Dahvana Headley. I guess I have a thing for those colours (there’s nothing wrong with liking something thought, right?). Anyway, this book is about a girl, named Aza Ray, with a strange lung disease that makes living very hard for her. One day she looks up into the sky and sees a ship, and can hear someone calling her name. Only her best friend believes her; everyone else says that it was probably a hallucination caused by her medication. Then somehow (it doesn’t say in the synopsis) she is transported up into the cloudy world full of trading ships: Magonia. She can breathe up there and has powers as well. Aza discovers that Magonia and Earth are on the brink of war and she must decide whether to save Earth or Magonia. This book sounds like an adventure from start to finish and it is safe to say that I would enjoy this one as well.

The third book on my birthday list is Carnivalesque by Neil Jordan. This book is also blue and gold. Dang, I didn’t realise all the books on my list looked the same. At least this one doesn’t also have a feather on the front. This story is about a boy called Andy, who goes to a mysterious carnival with his parents. For all money, it looked like a normal carnival, but it wasn’t at all. Andy went into the hall of mirrors and walked right into the mirror, becoming a reflection. Another boy, who isn’t Andy, went home with Andy’s parents. The reflection of Andy is pulled (literally) by a girl name Mona into a carnival world where anything could happen. Wow, Nicky, what a surprise. A fantasy book again, I would never have picked you liking them. This book sounds really cool. I think all the time that there is a world behind my mirror, and now I can read about it!

The last two books on my list are Incarnate by Jodi Meadows and the 20-year anniversary edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone by J.K. Rowling. As a proud Hufflepuff, I would like the yellow one, and I think you all probably know how that story goes (if you don’t, then you are missing out!). I had Incarnate on last year’s Christmas list so I won’t go over the synopsis again because I already have. I would really like both of these books and I am a huge fan of the Harry Potter series and Incarnate sounds like a really good book.

That is my entire list of books that I would like for my birthday. I do hope you enjoyed it, and stay tuned for the final instalment of this series next week! Just between you and me, it’ll get a bit random.

Have you read any of the books on my list? Did you enjoy them?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Beauty

Hey lovelies!

Welcome to the second instalment of my birthday list, as my birthday is now less than a month away. This time I’ll show you the beauty related things I would like for my birthday. In case you’re new, I’m turning 18 on August 7. Unfortunately, I have uni that day and to top it all off it will be a Monday, but Mum said we’ll go out for dinner and get smashed. Just kidding, we’ll each have a wine or something with our dinner. I’m really excited for it, but as of yet, I haven’t started planning the party. I have loads of time, it’ll be fine! Anyway, on with the list!

The first beauty thing on my list is a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The brush I use for foundation is falling apart a bit, so I feel that it is time for a replacement. I also have a blending sponge, but I find it a bit hard to use. I have heard great things about the Real Techniques brushes in general, but mostly this one in particular. The brush claims to be great for blending cream and liquid foundations, which is important. Also, I really like how it looks, aesthetically.

I did have foundation on my list, but I don’t know what shade I am and I don’t want people spending money on something I might not be able to use. Anyway, I have a BB Cream that works for me quite well. The thing on my list after that is a mascara, specifically the Tarte Lights Camera Splashes mascara. First off, I have watery eyes so waterproof is always a must. I have read that it doesn’t budge from anything, which is quite important with the Wateriest Eyes In The World™. Second, I have heard fantastic things about this mascara, which claims to lengthen, curl, volumise and condition the lashes. Even if it doesn’t achieve all those things, I think it will still be a good mascara. However, for the price-point of $29, I would expect it to do all the things it claims.

The final beauty related thing I have on my birthday list is a lipstick, MAC Faux in particular. I’ve trawled through tons and tons of websites looking for a shade that I would wear on a daily basis and I think this shade is that. I have heard many positive about the MAC lipsticks and Faux is said to be a ‘my lips but better’ kind of lipstick. It is quite expensive for a lipstick (around $36), but I think it’s worth it, especially for an 18th!

And that brings my beauty wants to a close. There are still another two posts left in this series of birthday list, and next week I’m covering all things books, so keep your eyes peeled!

What do you want for your next birthday?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Fashion

Hey everyone!

As it is my birthday in a little over a month – August 7th, to be exact – I thought I would share my birthday list with you. I am turning eighteen this year, which means I will officially be an adult! I am so looking forward to being asked for ID for the next ten years due to my height (note the sarcasm). I actually am really excited for my birthday, even though I do still have to organise some kind of party. I have separated my list into different sections including fashion, beauty, books and random. Today I will show you the fashiony things I would like for my birthday.

The first fashion thing I have on my list is wedge trainers. There are some really nice ones from Forever New that I really like. They are called Keisha Wedge Trainers and they come in both black and nude. I prefer the nude ones, personally. They are lace up shoes, also with a zip up the side and a buckle. On the buckle and down the side there are little studs. I don’t think I’m selling them very well, but I really like them. It goes without saying that it would make me a little bit taller, which would be quite nice.

It is a kind of tradition in my family to ‘go big’ on the milestone birthdays. When my mum turned 50, we got her some Swarovski earrings. Mum has said to me that she will do the same. We went into the Swarovski shop the other day to have a look around and see what I might like for my birthday. It was only a very short look, but I did like the smaller earrings with silver coloured metal and clear crystals (white?). I don’t know what they’re called, but I like them.

I would also really like some Ugg Boots. My feet get really cold in the winter and I don’t like that. My mum and dad both have Ugg Boots and I have tried on Mum’s on a few occasions and have loved them. I don’t know what else to say other than that I would like these for my birthday. I already have slippers, but they’re pretty crappy if I’m honest.

My final three fashion-related things are just clothes in general. The first is a nice top, or some nice tops, that I can wear to uni so I’m not wearing the same stripy top two times in one week. I would like some with different patterns. Maybe some floral, spotty, or unique in some way would be nice. The kind of top I don’t want is one with a graphic on it. Unless I support the band, TV show or movie on the top. I will not wear it for fear of being outed as ‘following trends despite knowing nothing about (insert band name here)’.

My next on the list of general clothing items is a jacket. Currently, I have one black button up cardigan with a missing button and a black zip-up polar fleece jacket that I bought for school camp three years ago. It is not stylish in any way, but if I want to be warm I will wear it. I would like a jacket that does have some essence of style. Maybe a denim one, maybe a leather one (let’s be real, it would be pleather), or maybe a cotton one. I saw a really nice one in Forever New a little while ago, but other than the fact that it was about $150, I reckon they don’t sell it anymore.

The final thing on my list is high-waisted jeans. I currently have high-waisted shorts that I bought for schoolies last year and I quite liked them. I do have jeans, but only one pair. If variety is the spice of life, then my wardrobe is flour. I would like to have a bit more variety so I’m not wearing the same jeans every day for a week without washing them in between, as I have been doing for quite a while. I don’t know if high-waisted is still a trend, but I don’t know if I care. I would like some high-waisted jeans because they would make me feel good about myself.

That is the end of this part of the list. I still have another three posts to go in this series of birthday list, so stay tuned, because next week we’re diving into the beauty pool of things I want.

What do you want for your next birthday? 

Love, Nicky x