Saturday, May 7, 2016

April Favourites

Hey everyone!

I am back. Well, kind of. I am still at school for a bit longer, so until the holidays I will only do the monthly favourites. I am trying really hard to keep this blog going, but at the moment it’s kind of taking a back seat due to all of my schoolwork. I am sure you understand. On a brighter note, I got a B- for Maths! I am so happy that I didn’t get a C. I still got one for English and Chemistry, but overall I am improving. Yay! Also, at the time this goes up, I'll be getting ready to go to my formal (also known as a prom in other parts of the world). If I have time I will do a quick post about my outfit, hair and makeup but if not it's because of school.

So I have a couple of favourites-es this month and one of them is my Neutrogena Blackhead Eliminating Daily scrub, which I use in my night-time shower. It is really gritty and feels like it is doing something, so even if its not doing anything at least it feels like it is! I'm pretty sure it is doing something as I have noticed blackheads on my nose turn into normal pimples, which are a lot easier to sort out. It also keeps the rest of my face (where I don't have blackheads) nice and clean and smooth.

Another favourite of mine is also a face wash and it is also Neutrogena (when Mum and I get new faces washes we try them brand-by-brand) and it is their Oil Free Acne Wash (their pink grapefruit one), which I use in my morning shower. This lathers up quite well for a face wash and my mostly clear skin this month proves that it works. It's scent (which is minimal) is quite fresh and wakes me up in the morning. 

I have also used both of these face washes on other places where I get pimples (mainly my arms and back) and they are clearing up quite nicely as well. Go Neutrogena! #notsponsored

I have also been doing a lot of driving this month as I am currently learning to drive. I am still getting the hang of it and have only done (really) 10 hours of driving. I am not too bad as far as starting and stopping goes, but as of yet I am not good at hill starts and have not come anywhere close to learning how to reverse without hitting anything. Overall, for the amount of time I've been driving, I'd say I'm doing pretty well, considering my fatalities/ injuries number is still 0.

Also, I've gotten into Snapchat over the past week so you can follow me if you like! My name on there is knicknack7899

Anyway, that about wraps up my favourites for this month. I do hope you enjoyed this post!

What have your favourites been for April? Do you like my favourites?