Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Beach Holiday

As I skipped a week a short time ago, I thought that now was the time to explain why...

From the 12th to the 14th of January, I went to Maroochydore to spend some time with friends. My family came with me as I am only fourteen (duh!) and we went to the beach and to our hotel's pool and we had the best time ever.
Here are some pics of the place we stayed and other random places we went.

The Beach at sunset

Where we ate breakfast

A cool pan shot of the bottom floor of our hotel.

Our thongs (or flip-flops) next to the pool

The spa is so cool (it makes bubbles).

Meerkats? In Maroochydore?!

Me sitting in a cool tree!

I know  this is random, but this clock looks so cool!

Where I slept.

It is so comfy, so I had to get really close to capture the comfy-ness of this bed.
Have you been on any holidays recently? If you have then where?

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

School Bag Essentials

In about a week or two I go back to school, so I thought I'd tell you what I'm going to have in my bag every day (besides lunchbox, books and pencil case).

First off, I will have a selection of lip balms (for some reason I like to have more than one) so that I can have moisturised lips throughout the day. I have the Maybelline Baby Lips in Smoothing Cherry, the Maybelline Baby Lips Colour in Berry Crush and a white lip balm of which the brand has come off.

I also have a hand cream (only one of this, thank goodness) so that I can have nice feeling hands all day. It is a Cath Kidston one in Honeysuckle and it smells divine.

I have a really boring (but completely essential) thing in my bag and that is tissues. I always have to bring tissues wherever I go as I am a (self confessed) "Chronic Sneezer". I sneeze all the time and it drives me mad, but (thanks to Big W) I don't have to worry about it anymore because they sell a packet of 20 pocket sized packs of 10 tissues for $2. 

As I walk home from school, it is essential for me to have an umbrella in my bag. It is one of the foldable kinds (I used to have a "normal" umbrella but I lost it. At school. On a rainy day) with diamantes on it. I can't say I use it that much, but it is useful for when it is a sunny morning but a rainy afternoon.

I also have my phone in my bag. It is a Sony Ericsson one and I hate it, but no one is going to steal a phone that doesn't even know what Wi-Fi is, are they? This is a pretty self explanatory essential - I use it to call my parents if it's too rainy or my parents call me if they need to remind me of something - but very essential.

If you want to smell nice throughout the day, I'd recommend you take perfume samples that you got from a pharmacy or something. I have the Nicki Minaj's Minajesty, Justin Bieber's The Key and Taylor Swift's Taylor (bear in mind that I did not chose these, I would only buy Taylor Swift's perfume). In saying that, they all smell nice and people would only know who's I'm wearing if I actually told them.

Those things I have listed are all the things I would take to school on a regular basis (apart from a lunchbox, books and a pencil case, of course!). I hope you found this useful; if I read something like this I would find it extremely useful.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

New Year's Resolutions...

Sorry that I didn't post last week. I was on holiday and I didn't bring my laptop. I will post again tomorrow to catch up. Anyway...

Seeing as it is now January of 2014, I thought that I should share with you my New Year's Resolutions.

1. Get fitter. 
  At the moment I am as fit as... I don't know... something unfit. If I could have a weekly fitness regime then I may become fitter.
2. Be more organised.
  I think that being more organised with schoolwork will help me to improve my grades, as this year I didn't get the grades I wanted.
3. Write more blog posts
  This kind of carries on from the previous point, in that I will be able to write more blog posts if have finished all of my schoolwork. If I have more blog posts, I know it will make you happy.

That was a really short post, but that is all I wanted to say. Let me know some of your New Year's Resolutions in the comment section below! 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Boxing Day Bargains 2013

Two Thursdays ago was Boxing Day, which means that Mum my two Aunties and I go to the city to buy things cheaper than they would be on any other day of the year. I think it is safe to say that we did a lot of shopping. We went to the big Myer centre, Topshop, City Beach, the list goes on.

The first thing I got was a dress from Myer. It has a Licorice Allsorts pattern on it and I think it looks great. I got it for $35, marked down from $49.95. That's 30% off!

I also got a shirt from Myer. It has a leopard print at the top that fades down to black. I got it for $21, reduced from $29.95. Again, that's 30% off!

The one thing I got that wasn't on sale were Jelly Shoes. They are pink and sparkly and I like them very much. I got them for $15 at City Beach.

The last thing I got was from Laura Ashley. They are earrings that have a black flower at the top and pearls (not real ones) hanging down. They were originally $15, and the sale price was $13.95, but as it was Boxing Day, they were reduced to $9.95. That is an overall saving of 30%!

I hope you enjoyed seeing the bargains I got from the Boxing Day sales. If you went shopping on Boxing Day, what did you buy?

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2013 Favourites

Today I am going to show you what I have liked throughout this year, and will continue to like and use, until they decide to discontinue them.


I have really being enjoying using a palette from Napoleon Perdis called "The Ultimate Contour Palette". I really like this as it has the names of what they are to be used for (Highlight, Colour, Contour), which is great for beginners (such as yours truly) because beginners may need help when it comes to that sort of thing.

I know these aren't very good quality pictures,
but you can see better pictures HERE.

I have really been liking the Britney Spears "Hidden Fantasy". I think that it has a nice fragrance and other people think the same, so I have been wearing it a lot lately. It also has a nice bottle, and can be held comfortably in the hand and won't fall over easily.

How pretty is this bottle?


The Nutrimetics Botanics Vanilla and Guava shower gel is my favourite body wash at the moment because I think it smells nice, but is quite subtle and not an overpowering, strong scent. I also like it because it is pink, as that is one of my favourite colours.


I have been enjoying using the Clinique 3-step face care routine on my face (I wrote a blog post on it) because I think it is really good. It keeps spots and things at bay and also it "wakes me up" in the morning because I think it washes any traces of sleep off of my face, leaving me feeling awake and ready for the day ahead.


A random thing I have been enjoying this year is YouTube. It has introduced me to the likes of Zoella and her friends. I have learned from YouTube that there are more makeup brands in the world than the ones at the local shopping centre, and that in the new year, I'd like to try out some of these "new" brands (YSL, Nars, Bourjois, etc.) because they excite me.


I hope that you have liked me telling you what I have liked over the past 365 days; what you have been liking? Tell me in the comments!