Saturday, July 26, 2014

My Birthday List

Hi everyone,

My birthday is coming up really soon. It's only a few weeks away. I thought that it was the perfect opportunity/ excuse to show you what I would like for my birthday.

The first thing I put on my list is a nail polish. Or maybe a couple of nail polishes. They are from the brand Essie. I have gone through all the colours on the website and these were my favourites. Before I do, I would just like to say that before I saw them in a shop, I had no idea that they were even sold in Australia. Here is the list:

1.. Cute as a Button - which is a really lovely pinky orange, like a sunset

2. Mint Candy Apple - which is a really pretty light mint colour that all the beauty bloggers and vloggers rave about.

The second thing I have written on my birthday list is a beret. I just adore the look of these and would really like a white one, so it goes with everything!

Lea Michele looks fantastic in this white beret!
The next thing on my list is the Katy Perry Killer Queen Oh So Sheer perfume. It is the purple bottle in the range of Killer Queen perfumes. I have the original one which I got for Christmas and it smells ahh-mazing, so I have high hopes for this one too.
After that, I wrote on my list is a book. I came across this book in a magazine recently and it sounded good. It's about a girl who is half of a set of twins and wants to come out of her shell and be unique.

Now come the Soap and Glory things. I have written a few Soap and Glory products in my list as I (a) really want to try them and (b) I like to smell nice. Here is the list:

1. Hand Maid - which is a hand sanitiser. Kind of weird to want for a birthday, but it smells really nice.

2. Hand Food - which is a hand cream. I really like the smell of this and also am running out of my current hand cream.

3. Sugar Crush Body Wash - I love the smell of this and can't wait to rub it all over my body (that sounds a bit weird, sorry)
4. Butter Yourself body butter - this smells sooo good.

The sixth thing I have written on my birthday list are Yankee Candles. The ones I have chosen are called Sweet Strawberry and Pink Sands. I have smelled both of these and loooooved them. You may already know that I own the Vanilla Cupcake candle, so I'm really excited at the thought of getting these.

The next thing I have written on my birthday list is a Tangle Teezer. I have seen reviews of this all over the internet and they were far from bad. I really want one as my hair gets really knotty and I don't have much time in the mornings to do my hair.

The next thing I have written on my list is something I saw on one of Zoella's beauty videos. I thought that I wouldn't be able to buy it in Australia because I had never heard of the brand before. It is the Bourjois Colour Boost lip crayon in Peach on the Beach. It looks nice for my skin tone and has great reviews.

After that, the next thing I have written on my list is a game. It is called Super Mario 3D Land. I have played this in a game store and I love the Mario series of games, so I really want that.

After Mario, I have written down products from The Body Shop brand. The items I wrote down are:

1. All-In-One BB cream - I have seen fantastic reviews on it and I just know that I will love it. I think my colour would be "Light".
2.  The Strawberry Body Butter - I just love The Body Shop Body Butters. I have previously used the Coconut scented one, and loved it.

The next one is kind of random; a Big W gift card. I have also put down iTunes card because I have literally got 21 cents left in my iTunes account. And I haven't bought any new songs in ages. I always put these on my list in case the person buying my present either (a) doesn't know what to get me or (b) as a "go with" for a bigger present.

I have then written down "a neutral eye shadow palette". As I don't have many eye shadows, I think it would be great to start with neutrals until I feel a little more adventurous with makeup. This one is from Nude by Nature.
The next thing I have put down is from Lush. It is the Bubblegum lip scrub. I have heard terrific reviews of this and my cousin said it's her favourite lip scrub, so I really want it.

The penultimate thing on my list is another book. I have heard great reviews on this and have wanted in for ages. I read the sample of it in iBooks and just couldn't stop reading. It's Divergent. I don't think I really need to explain it, as most of you should know at least the basic storyline, but here goes. The main character, Tris, lives in a dystopian world where it is split up into five factions depending on personality traits. As Tris has "come of age", she must go through a test to see which faction she will be put in for the rest of her life.

The last thing I have put on my list is the Australis Neon Crush bronzer in YOLO. I do not own a bronzer and this one looked nice for my skin tone. Also, it will be nice to at least look like I have a tan (even though I definitely don't) in the colder months.

That is my entire birthday list. I hope you enjoyed this, I will probably do something similar to this around Christmas time. I'll speak to you again soon.


PS: I would have taken photos of these myself if it were a haul or something, but as it is a list of things that I want, I had to get photos off of the internet. The websites I got these photos from are captioned beneath the photo.

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Saturday, July 19, 2014

The Best Buy of the Year (so far)

Hi everyone,

I have bought a new jumper. I love it so much. It is so warm, snuggly and it's so fluffy I'm gonna die!

Here it is:

Look how fluffy it is!

I got it from City Beach for about $20. That is why it is the best buy. Value for money. 

I wish that you could feel things through computers, because it just feels so amazingly soft.

I have been pairing this with long, black pants and long-sleeved shirts with no collars (though I'm sure Zoella would disagree, as she loves collars). As you can see I have a light blue shirt on underneath the jumper, just peeking out the top there, which gives it a kind of Elsa from Frozen, wintry vibe. 

 I have been wearing this every day for the past few weeks (except for school days, obviously) and it keeps me warm and it goes with everything because it's white. As it is so fluffy, I sometimes catch myself stroking it. In public. Sometimes I just keep stroking it because it feels so nice!

Have you had any budget buys this year? What is your favourite jumper?


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Saturday, July 12, 2014

My Winter Essentials

Hi everyone,

As winter is finally (read: unfortunately) upon us (if you live in Australia, or any country not currently in summer, that is), I thought I would tell you my Winter Essentials.

To kick it off, I will need a good moisturiser to help me skin through the colder months. I choose to enlist the help of my Clinique Moisture Surge moisturiser. I have mentioned this in a couple of monthly favourites posts previously and I definitely recommend it if you have dry skin and enough funds to cover the cost of it (I think it's about $60 here in Australia).

As for the rest of my body, I will need a moisturiser for that too. I am going to go for the Sugar Baby Drive Me Balmy Body Butter that I have spoken about in previous posts.

Without my Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm, my lips would be dryer than the Sahara in winter time. I use it every day and I love it.

By the way, this is the original lip balm; the one I lost then found again.
I will also need a good shampoo and conditioner in the cold, wintry weather of Queensland (sense the sarcastic tone of my words). I use the shampoo from Aldi as my Dad does the shopping and only cares if it says shampoo, and not what it does. I plan to use the Herbal Essences shampoo in Hello Hydration. I have used it before and it worked wonders for my hair and also smells really nice (think coconuts and island flowers).

The shampoo and conditioner I use

The shampoo and conditioner I want to use
As for makeup, it doesn't really change throughout the year as I generally just stick with neutrals and basics. I don't have many eye shadows and the ones I do have are for my dance concert at the end of the year. I do occasionally use a pale purple on my eyes though.
The only eye shadows I own. I use the gold (second from the left) and the palest purple (far right) and sometimes the middle purple as well (second from the right).

In winter, my wardrobe obviously has to change* (I can't wear short shorts in winter; I'll freeze!). I opt for this super comfy ensemble. The trousers are from KMart and are super comfy. I have had that jumper for ages, I think it is from Target or Big W and I love it soooo much. I do not know where the shirt is from as it is a hand-me-down but I have loads just like this and I am sure you can get shirts just like this in most clothing shops. If I wear a jumper, I generally just wear a short sleeved shirt, unless it's REALLY cold. If it's an inside day, I'll stick to slippers (I need new ones) but if I'm going out where people can see me, I'll go for trainers or boots like these.
Going Out In Public Shoes

Inside Day "shoes"

See above for where I bought these clothes
I don't get much of a chance to go shopping, but when I go next time I am definitely buying one of those super fluffy, super soft jumpers. My cousin bought one from Myer a little while ago and I want one soooo badly!

Anyway, that's enough from me for today. What do you use in winter, is it the same as mine or completely different? If it is summer where you are, what do you recommend?


*If you want me to do a winter look book, tell me in the comments!

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Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Favourites

Hi everyone,

As we are now in the start of July, I thought I'd do my June Favourites for you.

The first product I have really been loving I told you about last week in my haul. It is the Sugar Baby Drive Me Balmy Body Butter in Beach. I love this product soooo much. It moisturises my skin really well and has a fantastic scent. Also it wasn't too expensive. If you have dry-ish skin or are in the midst of winter do check it out!

The second product I have been loving is not a beauty product. It is actually a game. It is Animal Crossing New Leaf for the 3DS. I do not have a 3DS; I have a 2DS, but it still works on it. I think all DS games are supposed to work on it. Anyway, this game is fantastic. You are the mayor of a town and have to earn enough Bells (the game's currency) to pay off your house, town projects and things like that. You can also catch bugs and fish and hand them in to the or sell them. I have previously had Animal Crossing Wild World and it is much the same as that, except for some new added features like an island, deep sea diving and much more.

My third favourite this month is a moisturiser. I used this because I had a bit of dry skin on my face (I think it was due to the Stay Matte powder drying out my skin). It is QV Cream. It is nothing special. it doesn't smell nice. It certainly doesn't claim to do anything special like anti aging, but it is amazing. However it does say that it is a highly concentrated formula, meaning that it is perfect for really bad skin issues like eczema, dermatitis and psoriasis. On the dry skin I originally used my trusty Clinique Moisture Surge cream, but it didn't work for this issue. I used this cream and my skin immediately felt smooth and not dry. I have been using this for the past week and it has worked wonders. I only use this cream when my skin is in dire straits, not as an everyday moisturiser because I occasionally get eczema and have to use it for that.

My fourth and final favourite is the Estee Lauder Eyeliner brush 7E. I used this instead of my pencil eyeliner the other day using eye shadow to line my eyes and it worked beautifully. I think it would also work for filling in eyebrows. I know it is not a cheap brush to buy as it is Estee Lauder, but I'm not going to lie to you; I'm going to tell you what I have actually been loving.

They are all my favourites this month, I hope you enjoyed it.


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Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Half Year Review

Hello everyone,

I was reading my New Year's Resolutions post recently and I thought it would be a good idea to tell you how I have been getting on with them.

1. Get  fitter
No progress at all. I have swimming twice a week, but I am still quite unfit.
2. Be more organised
Some progress. I have written a bit in my school homework diary and reminders in my iPod and whatnot. I have gotten good grades at school so far.
3. Write more blog posts
I have had the most progress on this one. I have written a few midweek posts and the only reason I missed a week or two was prior commitments (swimming, school or dancing).

I would also like to add some more resolutions. They are:

1. Read more books
I love reading, but I have not read lately except in class at school. I would like to read the Divergent series because it sounds similar to the Hunger Games and I loved the Hunger Games. 
2. Cook more for my family
I would like to do this so that at school I do well in Home Economics. I don't do badly at the moment, but there is always room for improvement. Always.
3. Get a job
I would like to do this as it would increase my independence AND my bank account. I have always dreamed of making money for myself, but haven't had the opportunity because I am too young, but I will be able to apply for a job soon. I was thinking maybe Macca's (McDonald's) or a retail store like Target. A week or two ago, I had work experience at Coles, so maybe I'll try to get a job there.

I hope you enjoyed this post, how have you been going on your New Years Resolutions?

Talk to you next week, bye!