Sunday, January 31, 2016

January Favourites

Hey everyone!

It's that time of the month again when I show you what I have been loving throughout the month. This month there are some new inclusions, and some - oh who am I kidding, they are all new. Not to say my old favourites aren't still my favourites, I just have new ones as well.

First off, I have really been enjoying using the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara that I got for Christmas. It makes my lashes so much longer than normal and it doesn't clump too much. I can stand a little bit of clumping so this one was good. I also like that it is very black and stays on my lashes for a really long time. Warning: what I am about to say may shock some readers. I sometimes forget to take off my makeup at the end of the day. Please don't hunt me down! Anyway, the mascara manages to hold on to my lashes all night without budging, which was the point of me confessing my sin, obviously.

My next favourite is an afro comb that Mum bought for me after my hair appointment. It is supposed to be really good for curly hair as the tines are more separated, thus creating less frizz. I still do get a bit of frizz, but not as much as I used to. Also, I like that it is pink. It is great for lazy days when you don't feel like brushing your hair properly because, as all curly-haired girls would know, styling it is just so much of a hassle when your is all frizzy and there is nothing you can do about it. I don't know about you, but I feel like I look crazy when I have brushed through all of my hair with it all puffed out, so this brush is a welcome change. Sorry that I kinda went on a tangent then!

My third and final favourite this month is the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach. I love this colour so much! It is so pretty on the lips and it lasts for quite a while. I have wanted this lip crayon for so long and I am so happy that I finally have it. It is so easy to put on and the pointy bit of the crayon is especially good to get right to the edges of your lips (or for overdrawing them if you're into that kind of thing).

They are all of my favourites this month and I hope that you enjoyed this post!

What were your favourites this month? Do you like my favourites?

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Why Hello There, 2016!

Disclaimer: Do not use fireworks under trees. I didn't, this picture is edited.

Happy New Year!

As you know, it is the new year, and that means that I have resolutions to share with you. But first I want to share with you my 2015.

There were highs and lows. I started off the year with the same new year optimism that I have every January, which lasted until I got my results back for *most* of my subjects. I got C's. I was horrified. Being my penultimate year in school and having these marks going towards university, I didn't know what to do. Okay, so I might be over-exaggerating it a tad, but I was worried. It wasn't all bad, I got B's and an A, which I was very proud of, even if the A was for religion (which I will never use later in life, might I add!). 

In the second term, the marks weren't much better, but my teachers instilled me with a false confidence at parent-teacher interview night. I thought my marks would improve from C's to B's, B's to A's. But they didn't and I was so scared of my future. What if I fail? What if I don't get into uni? were just a couple of the questions doing laps around my brain, which doesn't help considering my teenage hormones are still in full swing.

In the third term, I didn't get chosen to do my dance exam which made me really sad as it was the first year I didn't do any. My mum still thinks I am a great dancer though, but I do think that I can improve. School was still the same, but it was in term 3 that I went shopping with Mum for a semi formal dress for term 4.

In the final term of the year, we had the semi formal (you saw what I wore to it in a blog post) and year 11 leadership camp all in the space of 5 days. Those, and the dance concert at the end of the year, were my highlights of the year. Of course, there were birthday parties and school drama that took up a lot of my time, but the semi formal, camp and dance concert were my favourite parts of the year. You could say that I had a bad year, considering my marks and lack of dance exam, but I see it as a year of making mistakes. I will learn from these mistakes in 2016  and make it my best year ever (there's my new year optimism again)!

With that same optimism, I give you my New Year's  Resolutions!

1. Do the splits. I will do this by stretching every day and drinking lots of water to keep my muscles flexible. It is every dancer's dream to do the splits and all of my dancing friends can already do them (I have been jealous for YEARS), so now I want to do them.

2. Get better marks in school (I think I made this pretty clear above). I will do this by revising each subject every Saturday, read more books to make my vocabulary better and get tutoring if I need it. I went to some of the free tutoring that school provides last year, but I need to do more this year (probably).

3. Get a job. I will do this by actually applying. I applied to a lot of jobs last year, but no emails saying "Hey, you sound good, want an interview?". My goal is to at *least* get an interview so I know what its like. 

How was your 2015? What are your resolutions for 2016?

Saturday, January 16, 2016

2015 Favourites

Hi everyone!

So, 2015 is so last year, which means that it is time for the 2015 favourites. I don't have many favourites as I tend to use the same things all the time. Anyway, on with the favourites.

My first makeup favourite is the Body Shop Flawless Tea Tree BB Cream. I love it because it matches my skin, it blends really well and the tea tree in it helps with blemishes. I use this BB Cream all the time and I still have loads left, which is great.

My next makeup favourite is my Designer Brands Eyeshadow palette. Although some of the colours I wouldn’t use, they all have a great colour payoff (when I swatched them on my hand). I love to experiment with the colours (there's a green shade and a purple shade in it) and practice blending them out.

My first body favourite is the Body Shop Body Butters. I don't mind which one. At the moment I have the Strawberry one and the Shea one. I use the Strawberry in the day time and the Shea one at night. They moisturise my skin really well and makes it really soft. Also, a little goes a long way, meaning that even the small pots last a long time (not as long as the jumbo pots, obviously, but still). Lastly, they smell so good. I really love the strawberry scent and the shea scent is starting to smell alright to me now, which is good.

My next body favourite is the Colette by Colette Hayman Guilty Pleasure Body Spray. This smells really good and I only need a couple of sprays to last the entire day. The scent lasts for a really long time which is good if its not a perfume kind of day.

My first and only random favourite is the Yankee Candle in Vanilla Cupcake. I am so close to finishing it that I can't quite reach the matches to the wick anymore. I really love this candle because it smells amazing; like a sweet, vanilla cupcake with perfect icing. As I got this for Christmas two years ago, it is clear that it lasts a really long time, which is great because I love this scent!

That is all of  my favourites for 2015 and I hope you enjoyed this post!

What are your 2015 favourites? Let me know!

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Boxing Day Bargains 2015

Hey everyone!

I went shopping on Boxing Day in the city as the Boxing Day sales are always the best ones (also the busiest, but you've gotta take the good with the bad). I purchased a few things before Mum was just like "No. You can't buy that." I almost ran out of money. Oops. I still don't have a job, though, so you can't blame me. Anyway, onto the haul!

The first place I bought something was Myer. I bought a navy blue high-necked singlet for $12, brought down from $25. Booyeah! I didn't try it on before I bought it as the lines were too long. I tried it on when I got home and it fit perfectly. Yay! I really love the way high-necked clothes make me look taller (which I REALLY need, btw). I can pair it with a patterned skirt (as you can kind of see in the picture!) in the summer or long pants and a jacket in the winter. This top is so versatile!

The next place I bought something from was Bed Bath N' Table. I bought a really cute candle holder for $8.50, brought down from $16.95. It says that it's from the Christmas line, but it doesn't look Christmassy to me so I'll just use it all year long. Also, can we talk about the fact that the glass is encased in rose gold detailing?! I love rose gold so dang much (which is how I spotted it) and it looks so cute and I love it.

The final thing I bought on Boxing Day was from Forever New. It is the bright yellow Leslie strapless frill crop top for $29.95, brought down from $49.99. I love the colour of this top and that it is so easy to put on and wear. Unfortunately this top is #NoReturnsies , but I don't think I will want to return it. Ever.

I spent a total of $50.45, when I could have paid full price and spent $91.94. That means that I saved $41.49 or 45%. I love saving money on purchases. It feels so good. Anyway, that is all that I purchased at the Boxing Day sales.

What did you buy at the Boxing Day sales? Do you like what I bought?

Saturday, January 2, 2016

Christmas Presents!

Hi everyone!

Happy new year! I hope you all had wonderful Christmases and new years (I know I did!). Christmas was forecast to be rainy where I live, but it was an absolutely beautiful day! One of my cousins got Quoits for Christmas (you know, the game where you throw rings onto a stick) and we played that all afternoon. I got the ring on the stick four times! And then I retired from my quoits career to bask in my glory and be famous forevermore! Not really, but Christmas Dinner was delicious. There was turkey, potato salad with bacon in it, ambrosia and loads more. For dessert we had my mum's famous truffles and sat around the telly watching Deck the Halls. All in all, it was a great day. Anyway, this post is about what I received for Christmas, not what I did, so here we go!

From Mum and Dad, I received so many things. I'll start with my Christmas bag presents (as opposed to stocking presents, as we don't have a fireplace to hang them on!). Inside the bag, there was chocolate money, a sweet smelling sugar scrub, a macro and wide angle lens for my phone, Girl Online: On Tour and a colouring book with pencils tied up with red ribbon. I really like all of these gifts and have already started colouring in the pages of the book. By the way, I finished Girl Online: On Tour last Sunday, in case you were wondering. I haven't used the scrub yet, but I will report back on how that goes!

Under the tree, Mum and Dad got me a John Frieda blonding shampoo and conditioner, a Formula 10.0.6 face mask, cleanser, spot minimising patches and SPF moisturiser and a Maybelline mascara. I also received a Lorna Jane singlet with "Powered by Chocolate" written on it, a Lorna Jane sports bra with outlines of roses on it and a cap with the Lorna Jane logo on it.

From my dad's side of the family (I go to both sides of the family on Christmas Day, and yes it is very busy), I received a hydrangea scented bubble bath, bath salts and soap, Pantene shampoo and conditioner, Original Source Vanilla and Raspberry shower gel, Impulse Very Pink body spray, Clean&Clear Morning Energy face wash, a Harry Potter figurine and four sets of earrings, which I had to put in a separate picture because they wouldn't be seen in the square arrangement.

From my mum's side of the family, I received The Body Shop Strawberry Heart Tin, which included a miniature nail file, body butter and body polish and a full size Born Lippy lip balm (which is already in my handbag), a 12 pack of cupcake clips, a Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayon in Peach on the Beach, a glorious makeup bag with a huge mirror on the back, a Designer Brands fibre mascara, a 3 year line a day diary and a Fabulous Flowers colouring book with pencils.

Aaaaand that is all of the things that I received for Christmas this year.

What did you receive for Christmas this year? What do you think of what I received?