Saturday, May 30, 2015

Lorna Jane Warehouse Sale Haul

Hi everyone,

I know it has been a verrrrry long time since I last posted on the blog, but I have been sooo incredibly busy with assignments and revision for exams at school. Luckily I only have 3 exams this term! Anyway, last Saturday I went to a Lorna Jane warehouse sale where they sell old stock that didn’t make it to the stores as my cousin works at Lorna Jane with Marketing, so she helped make all the advertising for it. Also, it was a lot cheaper than buying them in store. I bought three items and they totaled $130 (I miscounted the cost as I thought it was worth $90, but it was still quite cheap compared to in-store prices).

The first item I got was the Celeste sports bra. I really like the sort of lacy detailing around the edges (and the fact that the padding makes me look absolutely stacked – did I just say that on the internet?). It is a really pretty sky blue and I am going to use it for dance and running, that I do on Saturday mornings. It is called parkrun and I might tell you more about it soon. The bra cost me $40 and would have ordinarily been $65.99, so that is a saving of $25.99 or about 40%.

The next item I bought were Hidden Tropicana tights. They go all the way to my ankles and on the inside, the top bit is all tropical (hence Hidden Tropicana). Oh, and are they tight!  I could almost not get them off! They are really nice and I will use them for running in the colder months, as it is getting into winter now. They were the killer for my wallet at $60, but would have ordinarily have cost $99.95. That is a saving of $39.95 or about 40%.

The last item I bought was a Sabotage Excel Tank top. It is so nice and breathable. It has a four-way elastic thing on the back which looks cool and stretches at the same time! I love the colour scheme of it and I will probably use this for running in the colder months, as it is nice to feel colder when you are running. I bought these for $30, but they would have normally been $65.99. That is a saving of $35.99 or about 55%.

The cost of the items I bought if they weren't marked down would have been $231.93. Overall I made a saving of $101.93 or about 44%. This makes me really happy and really excited for the nest warehouse sale as they still have way too much stock, apparently. It also makes me feel like applying for a job so that I can keep affording them, even thought they are marked down considerably. I want to be able to just about drown in Lorna Jane stuff, basically. Haha, not really. That would cost a lot.

Anyway, I should get going now, you may see more frequent posts on here as I have so many days off from exams its not funny. I have about 5 days, which is a really good opportunity to get writing for the blog because I feel like I have neglected it a lot, but my main priority is school at the moment.

PS: Leave in the comments anything you’d like to see (other than more posts)