Saturday, March 25, 2017

March Favourites 2017

Hey peeps!

Another month, gone! Wow, this year is sure going fast! I’m four weeks into my first semester of university and I already have two assignments to do (eek!). I need to get a start on those before it’s too late. They’re due in about 3 weeks, so I have loads of time, but due dates have a nasty habit of sneaking up on me when I least expect it. I haven’t got many favourites this month since I haven’t bought many new things recently, but here is what I have been loving this month!

The things I did buy in the past month are these two tops from Supre. One is a kind of dusty rose colour and the other is black and white horizontal stripes. I like them both a lot since they go with skirts and shorts I already have, but I would like to acquire some new bottoms as well. I really don’t have that many clothes, but I also don’t have a job so there is that. Oh, and by the way, these tops were 2 for $10 (they are normally $15 I think). They are also very soft and the collars are really nice. I can’t explain what makes them nice, but I like them.

My next favourite is Katy Perry’s Killer Queen perfume. I have been wearing this perfume every day and I like it a lot. I have loads of perfumes and I’m testing them out to see which one I like the most (then I’ll use that solely). Maybe I’ll do a perfume roundup post (let me know!). This one has sweet and fruity accords, as well as an underlying woody scent. Killer Queen is the only one I’ve tried so far, so I reckon I’ll try one every month and give you a roundup at the end of the year perhaps…

My makeup favourite for March is the Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara. I put this on every morning before uni (except on Tuesday when I go in the afternoon). I love that it makes my lashes stand out, but not too much, you know? It takes a little bit of time to dry, so there is a risk of having little black flecks underneath my eyes, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take. Also, I can just wipe it off with a makeup remover, so it’s no big deal if it does happen. It stays on until I tell it to get off and its waterproof (perfect for my watery eyes).

Also, I don’t know if you heard, but Ed Sheeran released his new album, Divide, on March 3. I absolutely love it! Okay, so I haven’t bought it on iTunes yet (no iTunes credits, unfortunately), but Ed has been kind enough to put the entire album on YouTube, which is where I listened to the album (quite a number of times!). My favourite songs from the album (not including Castle on the Hill and Shape of You) are Galway Girl, Nancy Mulligan, and What Do I Know. I like the vibe of those songs in particular but overall, I highly rate the album and am excited to buy it on iTunes once I buy another iTunes card.

I have also been loving that the weather is getting a bit cooler. It still does feel a lot like summer, but it is getting cooler. I can’t wait until April when, in my opinion, Autumn really starts in Queensland (there’s a cyclone developing up north for goodness sake!). The temperatures have recently been 30 degrees and lower (about 86 degrees Fahrenheit for all you ‘Muricans out there!).

That’s about it for my favourites this month, so I do hope you enjoyed it!

What have been your March favourites? Do you like my favourites from this month?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Just Uni Things

Hey peeps,

I haven't had time to come up with a post idea this week, so we'll see where this takes us! I have so many things due in the next few weeks and I've been focussing on them more than I have focussed on you guys (sorry!). To be honest, that's what I should be doing right now. I have a character sketch due by Sunday at midnight and I have no ideas for what to write about. I have a general idea of what I have to do, but I just don't have a character in mind to sketch.

What I need is a spark, a burst of inspiration to pop into my head so I can start writing (and finish it as well). I guess I'm just overthinking it. I usually do. I think over it too much that it acts as a kind of shield to block the spark. I've spent so much time thinking about it that I can't relax and let the ideas flow out of my fingertips and into the Word document.

I guess the same thing happened here. I spent so much time thinking about what I should write that I gave up and do something unproductive like watching a YouTube video or something. Not that that is always unproductive, but I’ve been watching a lot of Markiplier and iiSuperwomanii recently, which definitely aren’t fountains of education (I do enjoy them, so it’s not a complete waste of time, but there are better things to do with my time). On a separate note, I do also watch beauty YouTubers, but there are more frequent videos from Mark and Lilly that I can watch every day and they’ll all be new.

I wrote a list of blog post ideas for March and when I would do them. This week, I had put ‘uni update’, which is hard to do when there’s not much to update on. I have made some friends, which is great. I feel a lot more settled in now. I also have had more practice catching the bus, which was initially quite nerve racking (what if I miss it and then miss my class then don’t get the notes and then fail, meaning I have more debt than before?), but now I am an experienced ‘bus person’ and have had seen a bunch of weird things happen.

One time there was a lady arguing with her window in another language. She was sitting there, next to the window and talking to it like it was talking back. She didn’t stop until she got off the bus (no more windows, I guess). It seemed that other people on the bus also thought it was weird as everyone who got on the bus after gave her a weird look then kind of accepted it (maybe they’d seen weirder).

There were other weird things that happened, but none that topped that. Well, there was that one time that I almost forgot to get off the bus on the way home, but that’s nothing. I got off the bus and walked home, quite annoyed with myself, but whatever. I’ve also learned that I get a bit motion sick if I use my phone on the bus while it’s moving, so if I need to send a word to someone on Words with Friends, or send a text to my Mum that I’m on the way home.

I think that is all that I had on my mind that I wanted to talk about, so I hope you enjoyed all this rambling about not much in particular.

How do you procrastinate? What is your writing process? Also, what would you like to see on this blog in the next few weeks?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, March 11, 2017

My Week in Outfits: Uni Edition

Hey peeps!

As I have just started uni, I thought I would give you an insight into what I have been wearing there. Since it is still basically summer in Australia (even though it's technically autumn), I have been wearing summery clothes to uni even with the changing of the seasons.  This time I’m starting with Monday as I only go to uni on weekdays, but I go to uni every day (dang timetabling!) even if I only have one class on that day. All the outfit pictures below are from my Snapchat story (knicknack7899), so feel free to follow me if you like.

On Monday, I wore a pretty casual, easy outfit of a pink crop top and a black and white floral skater skirt (both from Big W). I believe I talked about these items in the last week in outfits post, but heck, it's comfortable and easy to wear. I also wore my converses and light makeup (concealer, brows, mascara, lip gloss) just so I had something on my face, you know? Specifically, I wore Maybelline Fit Me concealer, Maybelline Brow Drama, Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara, and a Napoleon Perdis lip gloss that smells like watermelon.

Tuesday’s outfit was I think my favourite outfit of the week. I am loving playsuits at the moment, so today was a great day. The pastel bluey green floral playsuit I’m wearing is from H&M and the sleeveless, denim jacket is from JayJays. On my feet (sorry I don’t have a full-length mirror) are my white, low cut Converses. I put about the same makeup on as I did on Monday.

On Wednesday, as it was International Women’s Day with red being the main colour, I wore the only t-shirt with red on it that I own. It is my superman t-shirt (from Kmart), which is really soft, comfy and I like it a lot. I also wore a black skirt with a zip down the middle on the front (it should be pointed out that it also has pockets!) from H&M that I got on Boxing Day. You can kind of see my Converses in the bottom of the picture. I put on the same makeup as well ‘cause I don’t have time for messing around in the mornings.

On Thursday, I only had to go in for one lecture, so I wore a dress. I wore a navy dress with little white hearts on it (I think there is also little white polka-dots) that I got for my birthday, but I’m pretty sure it’s from JayJays. I wore the same jacket as I did on Tuesday and my Converses on my feet. I also just want to say that I also have been wearing socks; I’m not some gross person with smelly shoes and smelly feet. Ew. The makeup is the same because I’m lazy.

On Friday, I had pretty much run out of clean clothes (I NEED to buy more clothes), so I wore a pinky orange t-shirt (from Big W) and the same skirt that I wore on Monday. It had been washed in between wears; I’m not THAT desperate for clothes. Almost, but not quite. I also wore my Converses again, as they are the most comfortable shoes I own that I have for walking. There are a LOT of hills on my campus. Despite the picture, I didn’t wear a flower crown, but I did put my hair up in a bun at the back of my head as it was hot on Friday. I wore a ponytail every other day, though. I also wore the same makeup today. I also wore some diamond earrings (not real diamonds; they were cheap) every day but Friday because I forgot to put them in.

Aaaaand that is the end of this week’s outfits roundup.

Which outfit was your favourite?

Love, Nicky x

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Autumn Morning Routine

Hey peeps!

I thought that since I have a new schedule due to university, I would show you my morning routine I do before I go to my lectures and tutorials. I am so far enjoying my time at university, but then again, I haven’t had any assessments to do yet. I’ve never had to catch the bus to school before (I’ve always either walked or get dropped off), so catching the bus is a new experience for me. I know that’s kinda lame, but it’s true. Also, there is a massive hill at my campus that I walk up almost every day and my legs feel like they are going to fall off. Anyway, on with the routine!

First, as soon as I wake up, I pick up my phone and scroll through Instagram (@knickknack99) and Snapchat (knicknack7899). I also say good morning to my Snapchat peeps, playing with the filters and stickers.

Then I sit on my bed for about a minute contemplating whether it is truly worth it to go to uni today (the answer is always yes, but there are times when I want to go back to sleep). After that minute of contemplation, I jump into the shower (not literally, I would fall if I did that). I wash my face with The Body Shop’s Aloe Calming Foaming Wash and wash my body with Soap and Glory Sugar Crush body wash. I then get out of the shower, tone and moisturise my face with Clinique Clarifying Lotion and Simple Spotless Skin Anti-Blemish moisturiser.

Once I’m out of the shower, I go straight to my room to get dressed. As it is autumn, but still pretty much summer, I put on light, breathable outfits and comfortable shoes. My outfit of the day (which was Thursday, the last time I went to uni), is a white playsuit with a black pattern and my denim jacket. I got the playsuit for Christmas last year and the jacket is from JayJays. I also wore my Converses, but you can’t see them in the picture (I need a full-length mirror!).

Next, I go to the kitchen, take my puffer (since I have asthma), and have breakfast. I normally have cornflakes (with milk, obviously) and a juice or a Milo. Then I go to the bathroom and brush my teeth so they are nice and clean for the day ahead (I often get cornflakes caught in my braces, but they’re coming off soon so I won’t have to deal with that much longer!). Then I go to my room to do my makeup. I don’t do a full face as I would sweat it off anyway, but I do put Maybelline Fit Me concealer beneath my eyes, Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara on my eyelashes, and Maybelline Brow Drama on my eyebrows. I then go in with some Rimmel Stay Matte Powder in translucent over my concealer to keep it in place. Then my makeup is done!

I then pack my bag, if I hadn’t done it the night before, with my laptop, diary, a pen, books, my keys, phone and Go Card. Then I go to the kitchen and make the food I need to take for the day (sometimes I’m only there in the mornings or the afternoons so I only need to take some snacks and water). After putting them in my bag, I put on some deodorant and perfume. Recently I’ve been using YSL Paris or Katy Perry’s Killer Queen, spraying on my wrists and d├ęcolletage (isn’t that a great word?!).

Then I walk, or run (depending on how late I am), out the door to the bus stop at the end of the street.

Did you like my routine? What is your morning routine?
Love, Nicky x