Saturday, March 7, 2015

February Favourites

Hi everyone!

Sorry I've not written in a while, but I've been really busy with school work (and I still am, but I have no homework at the moment, so I'll write this while I still can). This post is going to be a favourites and I think that is all I will do until the holidays because of the school workload. Anyway, on with the favourites!

First up is The Body Shop's Strawberry Hand Cream. This hand cream is so nice. I love the scent and it moisturises my hands really well. The scent stays on my hands for a really long time and it's pink. How can something be bad if it's pink!?

Next up are the Forever New Macaron Lip Balms that I bought on Boxing Day. I have taken them to school in my pocket every day and they moisturise my lips quite nicely and taste really good. I have mainly been using the lemon flavoured one, as that is the one I have been taking to school. Another pink thing; I think that *maybe* I like the colour.

I have also been watching a lot of Sims 4 videos on YouTube recently as I have the game and can't get enough of it. Some of the channels I recommend are FancySimmer, The Sim Supply, Deligracy, SofeeSims and KawaiiSimmerr. I love their videos and plan to do some of the challenges that they are doing.

They are all my favourites for this month, so I guess I'll speak to you next month for another favourites.


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