Saturday, July 1, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Fashion

Hey everyone!

As it is my birthday in a little over a month – August 7th, to be exact – I thought I would share my birthday list with you. I am turning eighteen this year, which means I will officially be an adult! I am so looking forward to being asked for ID for the next ten years due to my height (note the sarcasm). I actually am really excited for my birthday, even though I do still have to organise some kind of party. I have separated my list into different sections including fashion, beauty, books and random. Today I will show you the fashiony things I would like for my birthday.

The first fashion thing I have on my list is wedge trainers. There are some really nice ones from Forever New that I really like. They are called Keisha Wedge Trainers and they come in both black and nude. I prefer the nude ones, personally. They are lace up shoes, also with a zip up the side and a buckle. On the buckle and down the side there are little studs. I don’t think I’m selling them very well, but I really like them. It goes without saying that it would make me a little bit taller, which would be quite nice.

It is a kind of tradition in my family to ‘go big’ on the milestone birthdays. When my mum turned 50, we got her some Swarovski earrings. Mum has said to me that she will do the same. We went into the Swarovski shop the other day to have a look around and see what I might like for my birthday. It was only a very short look, but I did like the smaller earrings with silver coloured metal and clear crystals (white?). I don’t know what they’re called, but I like them.

I would also really like some Ugg Boots. My feet get really cold in the winter and I don’t like that. My mum and dad both have Ugg Boots and I have tried on Mum’s on a few occasions and have loved them. I don’t know what else to say other than that I would like these for my birthday. I already have slippers, but they’re pretty crappy if I’m honest.

My final three fashion-related things are just clothes in general. The first is a nice top, or some nice tops, that I can wear to uni so I’m not wearing the same stripy top two times in one week. I would like some with different patterns. Maybe some floral, spotty, or unique in some way would be nice. The kind of top I don’t want is one with a graphic on it. Unless I support the band, TV show or movie on the top. I will not wear it for fear of being outed as ‘following trends despite knowing nothing about (insert band name here)’.

My next on the list of general clothing items is a jacket. Currently, I have one black button up cardigan with a missing button and a black zip-up polar fleece jacket that I bought for school camp three years ago. It is not stylish in any way, but if I want to be warm I will wear it. I would like a jacket that does have some essence of style. Maybe a denim one, maybe a leather one (let’s be real, it would be pleather), or maybe a cotton one. I saw a really nice one in Forever New a little while ago, but other than the fact that it was about $150, I reckon they don’t sell it anymore.

The final thing on my list is high-waisted jeans. I currently have high-waisted shorts that I bought for schoolies last year and I quite liked them. I do have jeans, but only one pair. If variety is the spice of life, then my wardrobe is flour. I would like to have a bit more variety so I’m not wearing the same jeans every day for a week without washing them in between, as I have been doing for quite a while. I don’t know if high-waisted is still a trend, but I don’t know if I care. I would like some high-waisted jeans because they would make me feel good about myself.

That is the end of this part of the list. I still have another three posts to go in this series of birthday list, so stay tuned, because next week we’re diving into the beauty pool of things I want.

What do you want for your next birthday? 

Love, Nicky x


  1. Omg we have the same birthday!! Yay Leo's! I hope you get everything you want!

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  3. We have the same birthday!! YAY! I am so excited for our birthday!


    1. I've never found a birthday twin before. That's really cool! 😁

      Nicky x