Saturday, July 22, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Random

Hey lovelies!

Welcome to the final instalment of my birthday list! This week: random things that don’t have enough things to be put into their own category. Mostly they are electronics, but there are a couple of other things thrown in for good measure. My birthday is getting sooner and sooner every day and I could not be more excited. Mum and I started planning my party a few days ago and so far, we’ve worked out who to invite, but haven’t sent out any invitations yet. I also haven’t told my family what I would like for my birthday yet – ironic, I know, having told the internet and not my actual family.

The first “random” thing on my list is a pair of Frends headphones. Specifically, the white and rose gold ones, but I would be very happy with any of them! My eldest cousin has a pair of them and they are beautiful and very comfortable (I have tried them on a couple of times), and I would love to have a pair of my own. I am a huge rose gold fan – most of my uni supplies are rose gold, even down to my pens, and my phone is also rose gold – so rose gold seems to me to be the obvious choice. They’re just too pretty for their own good. And I simply have to have them.

The next thing in the “random” section of my list is a Clarisonic. For those not in the know, it is a really fancy brush to wash your face with. I know, of course, and I think they are very cool. My skin isn’t too bad right now (touch wood), but I feel like it’s a bit luxurious and if there is any time to get something luxe it’s a birthday, especially an 18th one at that. They are, however, expensive as heck so I do not expect to get one at all, but it would be very nice if I did.

Next on my list is iTunes cards. I am really really really into music at the moment and am always in need of more iTunes credit, so not having to buy them myself would be great. I do think, however, that even if it is just a go-with type thing, it isn’t a very good present for an 18th. As in, not much thought has gone into it, an ‘easy way out’ so to speak. However, I will be very grateful if I get some because I love music and the only way to get it is to pay for it, so really they’re getting me songs and albums, not a piece of plastic.

The last thing on not only my ‘random’ list is, of course, alcohol. I think that it is customary for a person turning 18 to get at least a little bit of alcohol for their birthday, as it is the drinking age in Australia. I’m not really sure what kind of alcohol I would like (not that I haven’t had any in the past), but I haven’t had it often enough to have any informed opinions about it. So far, I know that I like vodka cruisers (raspberry flavour, preferably), Midori, and that’s about it. My mum told me about a liqueur that tastes like birthday cake, so I kinda want that to see if its good. Also, it must be said that I have only consumed alcohol in safe environments and I have never gotten drunk. I don’t wanna go promoting underage drinking by any means!

That is my entire “random” things list, thus bringing an end to my birthday list saga. I do hope you enjoyed it and I’ll be back next week with a monthly favourites, probably. I’m going back to uni in the next week so posting is going to be harder to do (again) but I will persist. I am determined to not break my streak!

What do you think of my list? What kind of alcohol do you like most?

Love, Nicky x


  1. I love the looks of those headphones! Great list!

    Emily xo

    1. Yes! I've been lusting for them for ages. They're just so pretty!

      Nicky x