Saturday, July 8, 2017

Birthday Wishes | Beauty

Hey lovelies!

Welcome to the second instalment of my birthday list, as my birthday is now less than a month away. This time I’ll show you the beauty related things I would like for my birthday. In case you’re new, I’m turning 18 on August 7. Unfortunately, I have uni that day and to top it all off it will be a Monday, but Mum said we’ll go out for dinner and get smashed. Just kidding, we’ll each have a wine or something with our dinner. I’m really excited for it, but as of yet, I haven’t started planning the party. I have loads of time, it’ll be fine! Anyway, on with the list!

The first beauty thing on my list is a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The brush I use for foundation is falling apart a bit, so I feel that it is time for a replacement. I also have a blending sponge, but I find it a bit hard to use. I have heard great things about the Real Techniques brushes in general, but mostly this one in particular. The brush claims to be great for blending cream and liquid foundations, which is important. Also, I really like how it looks, aesthetically.

I did have foundation on my list, but I don’t know what shade I am and I don’t want people spending money on something I might not be able to use. Anyway, I have a BB Cream that works for me quite well. The thing on my list after that is a mascara, specifically the Tarte Lights Camera Splashes mascara. First off, I have watery eyes so waterproof is always a must. I have read that it doesn’t budge from anything, which is quite important with the Wateriest Eyes In The World™. Second, I have heard fantastic things about this mascara, which claims to lengthen, curl, volumise and condition the lashes. Even if it doesn’t achieve all those things, I think it will still be a good mascara. However, for the price-point of $29, I would expect it to do all the things it claims.

The final beauty related thing I have on my birthday list is a lipstick, MAC Faux in particular. I’ve trawled through tons and tons of websites looking for a shade that I would wear on a daily basis and I think this shade is that. I have heard many positive about the MAC lipsticks and Faux is said to be a ‘my lips but better’ kind of lipstick. It is quite expensive for a lipstick (around $36), but I think it’s worth it, especially for an 18th!

And that brings my beauty wants to a close. There are still another two posts left in this series of birthday list, and next week I’m covering all things books, so keep your eyes peeled!

What do you want for your next birthday?

Love, Nicky x

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